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    bad bad mood.

    (fuck this impulsivity of mine…)

    Today easily turned into an annoying day.

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    I need a personal day.

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    Vote for me (acid-daisies) herehere, and here for a screenie. If you vote in 2 of the polls, message me the numbers and you can self promote in my ask. Vote for me in one of the polls and I will reply privately with likes/ dislikes.

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    80% of people wouldn’t open this.

    17% would open it and close it.

    Only 3% would reblog this and pray for a cure.♥

    FUCK. YOU.

    Cancer is a horrible thing. Stop guilt tripping people into thinking they don’t care by not reblogging a picture of someone.

    Where are these stats from? Because they sound like they’re from your anus water. 

    Reblogging this picture is fine. Absolutely fine. It’s a cool picture. But stop acting like reblogging the picture in some way helps beat cancer. “Pray for a cure” means nothing. “Pay for a cure”, now that means something. Donate some fucking money, add a link in this post for a charity. Look here’s one. Not hard. 2 seconds on Google.


    Just stop, stop, stop this inane culture of accusing a totally made up number of people of hating people with cancer just because they don’t reblog pictures like this? What goes through your head when you post something like this? It’s really quite sick.


    Except that praying is meaningful. Religious or not, we shouldn’t lessen the importance of keeping a cause in your thoughts and heart, wishing someone well, and trying to be as optimistic as possible. If you honestly don’t hope for or believe in a cure, then you wouldn’t pay for it in the first place.

    keeping a cause in your thoughts and heart, wishing someone well, and trying to be as optimistic as possible is certainly meaningful

    praying for it is not

    especially when it often leads to people feeling like they’ve contributed to something important when they actually haven’t contributed to it at all

    I agree with your entire post except for the first sentence

    Praying is as helpful to causing positive action as masturbation is to dating.

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