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    Linckia laevigata

    Linckia laevigata (sometimes called the “blue Linckia” or Blue Star) is a species of sea star in the shallow waters of tropical Indo-Pacific. The most common color morph found is pure, dark or light blue, although one can find the aqua, purple or orange variation throughout the ocean. These sea stars may grow up to 30 cm/11.75” in diameter, with rounded tips at each of its arms — some individuals may bear light or darker spots along each of its arms. It is firm in texture, and possessing slightly tubular, elongated arms common to most of other Ophidiasteridae, and usually possessing short, yellowish tube feet. An inhabitant of coral reefs and sea grass beds, this species is relatively common and found in sparse density throughout its range. 

    The genus Linckia is known to be creatures with remarkable regenerative power, capable of defensive autotomy against predators and may reproduce asexually

    Fact Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linckia_laevigata

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